Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Mo-Rockin' Meal

Marrakech Moroccan Cafe and Grill
1839 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis

Dining Date:  May 2011

On My Plate:  Bistella, a dish described by the waitress as "dinner and dessert in one," and which I have been unable to convey adequately to anyone since tasting it. It's layers of phyllo dough with chicken and all manner of spices (cinnamon, ginger, cilantro, saffron) plus almonds, topped with powdered sugar. So it's a mishmash of savory and spicy and sweet and nutty . . . kind of mysterious and overwhelming all at once. My dining companion had the kefta, which was a tasty concoction of meatballs and eggs in a tomato sauce.

Servers Rate:  Friendly and willing to help out the novice. Knowing nothing about Moroccan cuisine, we went with recommendations from our waitress and got a good overall sampling.

Fun Fact:  This place is old school but clean and inviting. There's a charming, brightly painted patio out front where you could sit and sip your tea. A quick two-block walk from the new Nimbus theater, it makes a perfect hangout after a show.

The Damage:  Minimal, especially considering the large portions. Under $15.

The Verdict:  Definitely an adventure! Would like to go back and give their couscous a try.

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Lo said...


Actually, when you think about it its sort of like a Monte Cristo Sandwich with the savories inside and the powdered sugar on top.