Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Down Home in NE


Dining Date:  December 2010 (we're going back just a tad for this one, a fond reminiscence as the weather heats up)

On My Plate:  The turkey commercial, perfect comfort food for a bone-chilling evening. Finished up with possibly one of the best desserts I've ever had -- the brownie barge. Picture a brownie with an oatmeal bar base perched on vanilla ice cream and doused in caramel sauce. Now picture how happy it made me.

Servers Rate:  Pleasant.

Overall Vibe:  Similar to Pop!, the previous inhabitant of the space on Johnson and 29th. The food is a little pricey, good but not spectacular. However, Hazel's menu makes more sense, and it works with the restaurant's revamped decor. It feels like home, but with a bit more style.

Fun Fact:  Although they tried their best to prevent the cold from seeping in by hanging a heavy curtain across the front door, it was still quite uncomfortable sitting near the entrance. I wore my coat through the meal. Finally, just as we were about to leave, they turned a small heater our direction.

The Damage:  Under $20, including tip.

The Verdict:  Keeping in mind that we visited only a week after they opened, I'd be willing to give this place another try, maybe for breakfast, which I hear is really something. It's also a great addition to the neighborhood, which is filled with homey little shops and eateries, like Sarah Jane's bakery and The Coffee Shop NE.

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