Monday, May 9, 2011

Chewing the Fat ... and Loving It

 Dining Date:  March 2011

On My Plate:  The portions here are sizable and perfect for a family-style meal. My dining companion and I split a marinated pork shoulder bruschetta and a red onion with goat cheese bruschetta. We then each had the gnocchi with cauliflower and orange. The small version was enough to fill us to bursting! Delicious.

Servers Rate:  Excellent. I was treated very well from the moment I got there, and our waiter was good about explaining the menu and making recommendations.

Fun Fact: While I waited for my friend to arrive, the front door to the restaurant literally broke, causing mass confusion among the valets. Also, the small complimentary cinnamon cookies we received after dinner are perfect for wiping out post-dinner breath ... and tastebuds. They're a bit hot.

The Damage:  Surprisingly minimal, although we didn't order drinks, so that helped. Under $30, including tip.

The Verdict:  A great first experience. Fantastic food, really cool location on Washington Ave, and kind of a hot spot at the moment (make reservations). The only thing that might keep me from returning is the noise level. We felt lucky we were seated toward the back, so we could at least have a conversation.

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