Thursday, July 28, 2011

Open to Suggestions

Any ideas about what's going on in this picture? Anyone? All interpretations welcome.

I've stared at it now for about ten minutes, and I still don't know what's in that dude's hand. Or why his neck is yellow. Or exactly what kind of exchange is taking place. 

Whatever it is, they both seem happy about it.

Seriously. Your thoughts?


Jan said...

Looks like a couple of train conductors to me. Are you old enough to remember train fest? Maybe you rode the train and it made a lasting impression. Yellow neck must be the head guy. Love the blue hair!!!!

Bethany said...

I'm pretty sure you've depicted two happy truckers sharing a can of tuna.

John and Jennie Warden said...

Obviously the man on the right has a yellow dicki on...and I think the other guy doesn't have one at all. So it looks like the yellow dicki'ed man is giving a pink dicki to the guy on the left. Now you can sleep tonight.

Courtney said...

All brilliant suggestions!! Thanks for the interpretation :-)