Friday, April 22, 2011

Not-So-Open Forum

So this post is a tad moot, since I just learned that Forum closed on April 17. It's a shame, really, not only because I had a delightful dinner there with a friend just a few weeks ago, but because it was a great addition to downtown Minneapolis. Anyway, on the off-chance that the closure isn't permanent, here's the review.

Dining Date:  March 2011

On My Plate:  A fantastic beef stroganoff, delectable "ghost cosmo," and chocolate cake. My dining companion had the duck, a citrus salad, a dragonberry mojito (lip-smacking), and a smores dessert.

Servers Rate:  Super friendly. Our waiter was great.

Overall Vibe:  Classy yet comfortable. The art deco design alone is a treat -- it lends a sense of history without being overbearing.

Fun Fact:  There's still a sign in the window reading "Forum: Now Open!" right next to the closure notice. Also, its logo looks a bit like a razor blade.

The Damage:  Will run $30-$40 a person easily. Luckily we had a gift certificate to apply toward our bill.

The Verdict:  Sad that I may not be able to visit again.

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Pearl said...

I just noticed this restaurant two weeks ago.

And now it's closed?

MAN. I gotta pay more attention...