Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Small Humiliations: Part I

In the interest of overcoming my apparent hibernatory tendencies this winter (I currently arrive home from work, curl up under my heated throw, sleep for a couple hours, rouse myself for some food and television, and then ... exhausted ... retire to bed), I'm starting a new series detailing some of my more embarrassing moments.

A couple years ago I went to get my hair cut at a discount chain, which shall remain nameless. I typically cheap out on haircuts, mainly because I keep mine very short and can't justify $40 a month in upkeep. The adventurous part of this strategy is that I might get a different stylist each time, which is also the downside in certain situations.

In this particular instance, it was not only a new stylist, but also a new establishment. The girl was quite young and eager to make a good impression. She washed my hair and then stood behind me asking me questions to get a feel for what I wanted.  In the course of the questioning, we had the following exchange:

STYLIST:  "Have you ever had your hair long?"
ME:  "Not since high school."
STYLIST:  "Do you ever think about growing it out again?"
ME:  "Well, sometimes I toy with the idea, but you know you have to go through that ugly stage."
STYLIST:  (very sympathetically, with her hand on my shoulder)  "Awwwww ......"


STYLIST:  "Oh!  You mean the hair!"

I haven't been back since.


SherilinR said...

lol! i love getting to share in humiliating moments with you via the blogosphere. i also like to share my own here from time to time.

Pearl said...

I laughed.

I went to a cheap place many years ago -- which shall also remain nameless -- and got a terribly nasty woman who pulled at my hair, mumbling throughout the cut "I don't know why anybody's got to have such thick hair. It ain't right. Nobody needs this kinda hair..."

Did I tip her? I did not.


Stacy Q said...


Doesn't it amaze you what comes out out of people's mouths?! I wish I could say I was immune myself...