Monday, December 13, 2010

I'll Be [expletive deleted] Home for Christmas

There was a girl on her cell phone the other morning as we waited for the bus, and it sounded like she was working through some pre-holiday stress. I'm sure many people can identify, though we probably use less profanity when discussing our family angst.  Maybe. 

Her end of the conversation went like this:

"I can't DO her for no three days. I can do her for 'bout half a day. WORD.  I mean, somethin's gotta give."

"Erry time I say no, she gotta call erry-muthafuckin'-body in Chicago!" 

"Sure, I could move to Atlanta. The rent's cheaper, but you make less, and errybody sound STUPID, can't put two and two together."

Oh, please don't go. Invite your mom for an extended stay. Then tell somebody all about it within earshot.


SherilinR said...

i love it when dumbasses & redneck's think other people are stupid. it brings me joy to have that distorted little glimpse into their heads.
p.s. on the topic of weird bathroom grafitti, i go to a restaurant where "POODLE" is written in a stall. makes me want to bring a pen next time to make some adjustments or maybe illustrations for the word.

Pearl said...

:-) I do love the fruitful eavesdrop.