Monday, March 12, 2012

Attention Residents

Last year, just before St. Paddy's Day, I walked out of my apartment to find this sign taped to the building's main entrance. While I think it was a helpful warning, I'm not sure what disturbed me most:

1.  That the party was slated to last exactly 11.5 hours.
2.  That "St. Patrick's Day" was in quotes.
3.  The use of the word "probably."

Wonder if any notices will be posted this year . . .


fishducky said...


SherilinR said...

that is a very precise and very strange length for a party.
why do people put stuff like that in quotes? my mother in law always writes quotes around my daughter's name. as if it is only her alleged name.

Pearl said...

Fishducky stole my line!!


Brandi Swalve said...

Oh, I needed this laugh on a Monday!

Courtney said...

Unnecessary (or improperly used) quotation marks are one of the most hilarious things ever! Glad you all got a kick out of it :-)