Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All Is Vanity

Today I saw perhaps the most intriguing license plate yet.  It read as follows:  OUT NOW.  I was immediately struck by the possibilities for interpretation on this one, so here are six hidden messages I think might be lurking beneath those six letters.

The person driving . . .

1.  Really wants us to bring the troops home.
2.  Is no longer in the closet.
3.  Was recently released from prison.
4.  Is no longer popular.
5.  Would like to announce that they're not cooped up with the kids.
6.  Wants to car-jack you.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


The Warden Family said...

Facebook status updates are now coming to a license plate near you.

Princess L said...

You're hilarious! I found your blog off "Pearl, Why you Little..." and I'm so glad I did. Only now, thanks to the two of you, I never finished cleaning my kitchen. (I should probably hide the dirty pots and pans somewhere before my husband gets home from grocery shopping. Unfortunately, all the cabinets and drawers are already full with our dirty laundry.)
Anyhow, thanks for the laughs!

Princess L said...

7. Has teenager who brings his girlfriend to his bedroom to "do homework."
8. Is frustrated after a week of his son being home for ISU's Spring Break.