Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a Friggin' Free Couch

Back from hiatus ... and exhausted by my first day back at the grind.  I've decided that the truest benchmark of whether your job is stressful is when you have two weeks off and your skin clears up. 

So, in the interest of preserving my energy (at least for today) I'm posting a Craigslist ad for a couch that a friend stumbled across and sent me for amusement.  God, I love people.

Deep reddish, almost purple-ish in color. Corduroy-type material. About 8 years old. Comes with 4 couch pillows. Does not come with the blue blanket shown in the photo (sorry, it was the best photo I could find at the moment, since the couch temporarily has some stuff stored on it while I rearrange my living room). 

Until Friday, January 1st, I will NOT BE AVAILABLE to respond to any emails or make arrangements for you to pick up the couch, so please be patient. And no, I will not measure the couch, calculate its mass or specific gravity, call you, help you move it, high five you, or even give you some sort of barely perceptible knowing nod. It's a friggin' free couch of average size. Come and get it or don't. 

Also, couch may or may not come with free awkward discretionary hug.


John and Jennie Warden said...

Love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to mail us a Christmas card! We have started a "shrine" of every piece of mail we have gotten so far. I think we are going to keep it up all year round as it makes us feel closer to home everytime I look at it. Not sure how Santa in a thong will makes me feel..... :)

Pearl said...


I completely understand. As an onsite duplex landlord, I get the most tiresome questions/expectations from people. No, your bf from highschool can't sublet your living room couch for the next six months while he gets back on his feet; no, you can't store his stuff in the common areas of the basement; and no, he cannot leave his rust bucket parked in front of the house for that amount of time because he needs to do some work on it.



The mad woman behind the blog said...

Awesome! Here from Pearl, why you...
I've personally been in love with craigslist since 2000. This post exemplifies exactly why.

Thanks for finding and sharing.